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How to break free from burnout and reignite your passion

for life and business so that you can rediscover the joy and fulfillment you once had in your career and personal life.

The secret to unlocking boundless inner and outer freedom

that empowers you to live your life with presence so you can experience true fulfillment and success.

Proven strategies to increase your income

while making a more significant impact, all without resorting to cookie-cutter methods, so that you can thrive in both life and business.

“Amber is an invaluable resource if you are considering private practice, looking to grow your practice or looking for ways to enhance your creative potential in your business. She makes an effort to know you personally and to understand your vision for your life. She helped me find alignment and get clear on how I wanted my life to look like and offered helpful suggestions and guidance in navigating what can feel like an overwhelming process. Her energy and enthusiasm and belief in the power of living a more meaningful life where work is creative and enriching is contagious. I would highly recommend her services if you are on the fence about starting your own practice or have already taken the steps and could use some inspiration!”

–Entrepreneurial Coaching client, Kimberly, a psychiatric nurse practitioner who tripled her income in less than a year and has since continued to expand her income and impact with training and recruiting student interns to mindfully execute her vision.


“From day one, Amber saw my potential and drive to be the leader of my life by owning my own business, and she was not quiet about it. Amber lifted me up, highlighted my attributes and also focused on the necessary improvements that needed to be made in my mindset to make this massive shift in my life. She identified and helped me work through my fears and doubts. She guided me to a place where I felt more comfortable stepping into the unknown of owning a business. I felt like I had a companion taking this leap with me! At only 5 months into owning my own business, I have already at least matched my salaried income (it’s a fantastic start) and landed new projects with large companies. I highly recommend Amber for coaching you into the life you want to live. Life is too short to live in a mundane bubble, just keeping your head above water day-by-day. Amber has really guided me to jump up and ride the waves with enthusiasm and success in my life.”

MELISSA - Entrepreneurial coaching client

Registered Dietitian and Eating Disorder Expert who more than doubled her income in less than a year while working together and has since tripled her income while reducing her daily workload and expanding her practice with multiple employees and locations.

“Amber has an inner wisdom that shines through in her coaching. She was a guide in my personal quest to find direction in my life and career. I have done years of therapy diving into my past, but Amber gave me tools that empowered me to believe in myself and take charge of creating the future that I wanted. She helped me to find the bridge that has led me from feeling stuck in my current circumstances to where I want to go. She was attentive and accessible, and it was apparent that she truly cared about my journey. I highly recommend Amber for anyone looking to grow and feel more empowered to create their ideal life!”

KASEY - Personal coaching client,

nursing executive leader, Ed.D. student

“Amber masterfully pinpointed the way my old money story and dependence patterns, which I thought I’d resolved, were playing out in my new business. Based on her guidance I was able to course correct quickly, rather than remaining stuck and avoiding the problem. I would turn to Amber again in a heartbeat if my money story rears its head again – but she’s so expert at her craft that I don’t think it will.


My advice: work with Amber. Your future self will thank you.”

ELIZABETH - Laser coaching client

physician, entrepreneur, inventor and executive coach

“I decided to take action with the vitality revival introductory package in hopes of moving forward faster when I was struggling with putting myself, my needs and desires, first or even on the table. 

I had worked through several life events and was at a point where my old tendencies kept holding me back from experiencing life the way I wanted to and from being truly present. With our package, when I was in one of those moments, I was able to record my thoughts and feelings. Since voxer utilizes record/replay features, I did not feel like I was intruding, bothering or wasting anyone’s time (a struggle we also addressed!) so I was able to open up more freely, especially for what I felt were the smaller things.

Voxer enabled real-time feedback so I was always able to get support from Amber in-the-moment or close enough without waiting for a traditional “session.”  I also found it helpful that I could replay everything that was recorded.  With Amber’s support I started to clearly hear what I was saying, even within the silences and nuances of my voice. The replay was also helpful for reminders, affirmations, and reflection.  I could hear the difference in my thinking and progress over time with this custom support.  All the things that get pointed out or discussed in traditional sessions but hearing the audio proof for myself was invaluable.

Using voxer regularly helped to keep me accountable and sort through instead of giving up, forgetting about, or waiting for my next session.  It also helped keep my focus on my goals and desires so that it felt like I achieved them faster or that I was at least moving towards them faster than when I was having weekly sessions only.”

ERIN - Personal coaching client

overwhelmed with work as highly-accomplished engineering professional and active mom of young twins

“Amber’s coaching is about in the moment support and it’s not available anywhere else. It was paramount in my ability to get to the next level and to have true transformation. I decided to choose support because I noticed that I was constantly being bombarded by social, emotional and cultural directives, along with my own habits and patterns that were against my alignment and that didn’t support my authentic self. I needed a reset and wanted inspiration with honesty to support my changes with accountability, insight, motivation and the courage to grow and enjoy self-mastery. Working in the moment, reflecting with deep introspection and insight, and FEELING into your body changes everything! Amber’s ability to hear energetic changes in my voice in different parts of my experience allowed me to start learning this effective self-exploration vs waiting for session work.


Working with Amber allowed me to explore my patterns and choose my next aligned step to move forward as my authentic self vs being stuck in my mind, feeling stressed and reactive. This was crucial in my business development as I was so used to my traditional path and was willing to explore outside of the boxes with Amber’s compassionate and understanding support.  I feel like because of Amber’s experience and knowledge about long-term fulfillment, success, well-being, satisfaction and physical & mental health, I could trust that more freedom, energy and time were within reach. Amber felt like a co-pilot, helping me to stay on the journey that I wanted. She reminded me to  steer back in the direction of my values, desires, dreams and she did so in a calm and compassionate way as a wise guide.”

KAYLA - Entrepreneurial coaching client

who is transitioning from her academic professorship into creating her experiential education empire

“Working with Amber reminded me I was settling for a life of crumbs. With her support I saw that as I embraced moving forward, that with every step I took I was shedding my perceptions, attitudes that no longer served me anymore. That I’m leaving these little crumbs and that as I look within and without, I see possibilities. I see a whole world out there, including all of these big dreams and I’m continuing to learn even more about myself. Amber has helped me improve my self-confidence which allowed me to feel comfortable with my authentic self and slingshot myself forward in developing my business.”

ASHLEY - Entrepreneurial coaching client

who was burned out in healthcare and who quadrupled her income within 6 months as she created her integrative and creative pediatric and family therapy practice.

“Before my coaching, I felt completely powerless and trapped in my situation. I was delaying everything and now I’m not delaying anything. I felt a shift, it truly is, how you do one thing, is how you do everything. 

Amber opened me up to the idea that I ACTUALLY deserve to say what I truly want and do what I need to do to get there. She didn’t just introduce me to the idea – she brought me to a place of unwavering belief in it.”

JENNIFER, Executive coaching client,

from burning out in her engineering career and spiraling in her relationship, to clarity and self-trust in love, work and moving forward on her true desires-intimacy, impact and income.

Are you ready to break free from burnout and unleash your boundless potential?

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Introducing My Vitality Prescription Method:

In this exclusive session I’ll unveil my proven Signature method, the Vitality Revival Prescription. 

This comprehensive framework, built on three core pillars, will guide you on a transformative journey to break free from burnout, reignite your passion for life and business, and unlock boundless inner and outer freedom. 

You’ll discover how to increase your income without resorting to cookie-cutter methods, all while reclaiming your vitality, passion and purpose.


Foundation of Self-Compassion and Creativity: 

Build strong foundations for your life and business by cultivating self-compassion, curiosity, and creativity. Embrace the courage to change guided by pleasure and passion instead of pressure, meaningless performance, and perfectionism.


Customized Integrative and Creative Practices: 

Add customized integrative, trauma-aware, and creative exercises to your toolkit. These practices help you circumvent limiting patterns, blast through mental and emotional blocks, and ignite more pleasure and passion in your life.


Empowerment Through True Self-Trust: 

Develop true self-trust as you take full self-responsibility for creating your unique, wholehearted life. Blaze your trail toward boundless freedom, impact and income, steering clear of the crowd’s path to burnout and boredom.

I am not just another self-help guru or business coach promising quick fixes and overnight success. 

Instead, I am an experienced integrative nurse practitioner and psychotherapist with almost two decades of dedicated work in the field of mental health. 

The strategies I creatively customize with you in the Vitality Revival Prescription are the same holistic strategies that I refined during my extensive career. 

I spent the majority of my time working with clients who struggled with eating disorders, perfectionism and anxiety, and I honed these strategies in some of the toughest cases in the mental health world. 

Letting go of control can feel like a death sentence, but my creative and experimental approach helped my clients feel seen and understood, stay the course with courage, loosen the patterns that trapped them, and achieve successful recovery.

I also applied these practices to my own burnout recovery journey. 

This experience allowed me to break free from the traditional medical model, where I exchanged my time for hourly work, and instead, I embraced a new path that offers increased freedom. 

Now, I serve clients in customized packages and immersions, amplifying my impact to support burned-out entrepreneurs and professionals like you. 

My unique approach combines these tried-and-true modalities with innovative, out-of-the-box strategies to help you break free from burnout, reignite your passion, and create a life and business that aligns with your deepest desires, values, and creativity. 

With my guidance, you’ll discover a path to lasting vitality, purpose, and boundless freedom that defies cookie-cutter methods and empowers you to live life on your terms.

Amber Posey, psychotherapist and psychoanalysis coach in Arizona and Florida


Customized Coaching: 

I provide personalized coaching tailored to your unique needs, desires and challenges. No one-size-fits-all approaches here. We work together to create a plan that aligns with your goals.

Holistic Strategies: 

Drawing from my background as an integrative nurse practitioner and psychotherapist, I offer holistic strategies that address both your mental and physical well-being. We’ll delve into self-compassion, curiosity, and creativity to enhance your journey.

Trauma Awareness: 

I bring a trauma-aware approach to our work, helping you navigate any past traumas that may be affecting your current state of burnout. This awareness is crucial for lasting healing.

Creative Embodied Exercises: 

We’ll explore creative exercises that bypass your protective patterns and break through blocks in your body and mind. These exercises are designed to increase your vitality, pleasure, and passion.

Self-Trust Development: 

Through our partnership, you’ll develop profound self-trust. This trust will enable you to take full self-responsibility for creating a unique, wholehearted life that’s true to your desires and dreams.

Freedom and Wealth: 

Our work together goes beyond achieving external success. It’s about gaining both internal and external freedom and wealth across all facets of your life and business. You’ll experience boundless opportunities and the joy of creative experimentation, all while leaving perfectionism behind.

Lush Life and Biz: 

I’m here to help you create a lush life and business that’s filled with introspection, intimacy with yourself, and boundless pleasure in the present moment. You’ll learn to hold a big vision for your life and business while staying connected to your true north and inner wisdom.


I know the feeling of burnout all too well. 

Life and business does not have to feel like an endless struggle. 

Instead, you deserve to experience boundless freedom, impact, and income. 

My passion is to help you create a profound transformation. 

I am here to guide you on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and revitalization. 

Together, we’ll unlock your true potential and create a life filled with passion, purpose, and abundance. 

Get back to living life with clarity, choice and the capacity to be present with yourself and life, no matter the external circumstances. 

Reconnect with your inner vitality and enthusiasm. 

Say goodbye to burnout and hello to a future filled with limitless possibilities. 

Are you ready to take the first step toward a vibrant, thriving life?