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Step Into Yourself and Create Your Path

Focused Path Integrative Health helps you claim, nourish and embrace the entirety of your mind-body-spirit journey. With mind-body guides trained in psychotherapy, integrative medicine, Somatic Experiencing, energy work, bodywork and embodiment we are able to help you finally meet your entire Self.

A hand holds a half moon in its cupped palm, stars glitter around it | Cocoon Psychotherapy


Take my hand as you step into the nourishing dark and I will guide you away from your shadows and into the light.

A half moon is personified with a face and stars dangling off it | Crucible Psychotherapy


You’re already aflame. Recovered from burnout and ready to blaze your own trail that lights from within and shines far. Let me help forge your solid foundation as you ascend from your journey.

Somatic Experiencing


Your body is your vehicle of choice for accessing insider knowledge and awakening all possibilities.

You don't need to explore unknown paths alone.

Whether working with Amber via transformative coaching–founded on her integrative medicine & psychotherapy career along with creative, mindful and sustainable entrepreneurship–or Lance with his expertise in Somatic Experiencing, energy work, bodywork and embodiment practices, we can support and empower you on your self-discovery journey. Together we can bring your unconscious to the surface, stop the paralyzing fear of the unknown and manifest your vitality and awakening with action.

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Allow our words to inspire your journey and spark a flame within you.

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