You’re already aflame. Recovered from burnout and ready to blaze your own trail that lights from within and shines far. Let me help forge your solid foundation as you ascend from your journey.

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Discover a Reawakening and Renewal in Yourself

You have done it all, and not just “done it,” but have done it well. You are high-achieving and highly successful. You have been in therapy, you have been coached, you have been on retreats, you may have found a spiritual practice. You have seemingly conquered all the internal and external obstacles. You have amazing insight, you take great care of your body and mind – or at least know that it is essential for you to feel your best. So what brings you here?

Deep inside you want more. You know that external accomplishments feel good and you are grateful for all that you have created. Yet there is a persistent knocking around inside of you and it won’t stop its incessant beat. If you listen quietly, it is the part of you that isn’t easily satisfied. It is the part of you that may have “done” all these life-changing practices and yet you still seem to be not addressing the soul work. You haven’t really spent the time to be with yourself – the good, the bad and the ugly – and choose all of YOU anyway. Choose you when you strip away every part of your identity.

This path is not faint of heart. This is for the renegade who can temper oneself in the baptism of fire, as she has moved consciously through her burnout and chosen a lush life, filled with vitality and life force. One cannot rise to be a phoenix until one sifts through the ashes. This Crucible awaits when you have had the time and energy to Cocoon yourself first in a sanctuary of nourishing and still darkness and no longer feel the need to hide. Presence and peace are the reward of letting go of perfectionism and following other’s values.

When you are ready for the ascent, you know it in your bones.

Are you ready to experience a profound rebirthing of self?

As a midwife to your story, I am able to accompany you on the journey of a lifetime, meeting your true Self. Together we can venture into ALL of your depths to tap into your true power.