Take my hand as you step into the nourishing dark and I will guide you away from your shadows and into the light.

A hand holds a half moon in its cupped palm, stars glitter around it | Psychotherapy

Allow Me to Accompany You on Your Journey

You are at a crossroads. What once worked no longer does. You may be feeling boredom, restlessness, sadness, despair, anger, even numbness. Your sleep, eating and movement habits  may be drastically different than your baseline. “Wired but tired” seems to fit your description of your internal and external state. You are on the cusp of or straight in the flames of burnout. You can’t quite identify what it is you need, yet you know it is something radically different than anything you have done before. You simultaneously want and don’t want help. You are questioning, “What is wrong with me? I have this great ___________ (partner, family, friends, career, salary, community, home, life purpose, belief system, etc.) WHY isn’t it enough?” You are clinging to the walls as you slide into the descent or tumbling down so rapidly you feel disoriented and dislocated.

Any way you look at it, what you once knew is gone and this is a painful place to be alone. Fighting this stage of life won’t work. Coming to this place with a guide and compassion, curiosity, creativity and courage may just be the beginning of a life-changing journey.

The Cocoon is a nourishing darkness, where you land softly. Rest, renew and re-create. Confident in the emergence of the wings you long for. 

Are you ready to reveal your inner workings?

As a midwife to your story, I am able to help you on your self-discovery journey. Together we can sift through your internal struggles, claim your desires and consciously manifest your awakening.