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Hold Your Vision

Hold Your Vision

Jun 28, 2023 | Coaching, Psychotherapy, Self Expression

What happens for you when you feel a bit off track? Especially when it is tied to an idea or vision? An enhanced vision that leads to an even larger expression of yourself? 


As I am experimenting with showing up in a larger space than my consultation room, I am hitting bumps. My ideas and experiments with the new are NOT GRAND SLAMS.The recovering perfectionist in me hates that part. Things haven’t gone exactly as my mind loves–the straight shot.


It’s been a bit meandering, this new approach. It is, however, true to my higher vision. 


I am reminded of why I was so drawn to practice therapy. I wanted to work with individuals and their story, and to watch their growth and development. To emphasize their strengths and watch them thrive. To explore the human psyche.


It is soul work.  


But not everyone comes for growth as the primary driver. Most come to stop the pain. Though I encouraged desire vs. needs once clients moved to a stable space, most clients meet us from a space of “STOP THE PAIN!” 


Pain predicts need. And so, unfortunately, health care providers and therapists have a never-ending supply of patients and work. 


Therapy is a beautiful practice. For both the client and the therapist. It is necessary and life-saving. Therapy is grief work. And it is essential. And yet as we move further along, as the grief recedes, the work becomes a desire. A choice to move into our inner world even more than before. To view life from the inside out. 


To explore the terrain of our inner landscape–as deep and wide as oceans and galaxies, especially for the most sensitive people who are drawn to do this work. 


So this is my intent, it has never changed. I practice soul work. But in my changes with my vision of how I do this work, I am just no longer pretending we have to get there from pain only. We often do. But the clients that get the most movement are the ones who go after more.


More of themselves and thus more of life. 


I love that work. It is the work I am committed to. There is still pain and grief in that process. There is always pain in growth when we hold on to that which is ready to be shed. 


But what I’m not willing to do is get an “endless supply” of clients by speaking from the current medical view of therapy.  I’m not willing to ONLY meet people from pathology, pain, necessity, or some flawed belief that they are broken and need to be fixed. 


It’s not that I won’t work with clients from the starting point of pain. In my work, I mention this space as the cocoon.


It is that I have made a decision moving forward that ALL of my clients KNOW that there is more. They acknowledge pain but are also sure, deep in their bones, that they have the answer. They bet on themselves. Maybe even for the first time. They just CHOOSE support. 


And we go on this journey together, aware from the get go that thriving is the destination. Not stopping short. Not giving up and settling. 


They have an intensity and a zest for life that informs their decision to do this work. They want and know they can do more with support. There may be moments of “needing” support, but in the end, they desire a guide who does the same that she asks of them. 


They invest in themselves as the ultimate experience. With the biggest ROI. A life that is their own-awake, aware, awe-inspiring and full of heart-based action. So that any more investments and experiences they choose moving forward are felt fully in their body, heart, mind and spirit.   


So what do I do when I get off track from my visions?


I come back to my heart. Through writing, music, movement, nature, paint and collage. And remember every time I forget. 


I also get my own support. 


So here is where I started today, a song that came on in perfect timing. As I’ve said before, all songs that are love songs, just turn them into a love song from your higher self to you. 


“Anywhere I go, there you are

There you are

There you are

You’re the fire and the flood

And I’ll always feel you in my blood

Everything is fine

When your hand is resting next to mine.”


Come and chat with me. I love to see if there are ways I can support you as you feel your fire and your flood.



May you find the majesty,




Hear the full song above

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