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The Backstory: From Perfectionism and Burnout to Sovereignty

The Backstory: From Perfectionism and Burnout to Sovereignty

May 8, 2023 | Coaching, Self Expression

Welcome to the first edition of This Majestic Life!

Though I titled this newsletter, This Majestic Life, I didn’t always feel like life was majestic. 

In the past I fought with some of my obstacles and challenges, aiming to control a lot in my life. And the truth was, I was under the illusion that I was empowered and a master of control and getting “what I wanted.” 

It worked for quite a long time.

I’m not here to tell anyone to lose control because the mess that comes can certainly be heart-rending. I am here to tell you that lovingly letting go of control games and falling gently into your actual embodied and trusting inner authority is life- changing.

I will also tell you that my defenses lost a lot of their power when I came face-to- face with burnout and compassion fatigue. No pretending here–I didn’t actually make a choice at first. It was anything but sovereign in appearance. I went into this journey kicking and screaming. 

I tend to call this shadowy part of me my faux-Queen. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe sovereignty, trusting one’s own inner authority and taking full self-responsibility, is essential in our growth and development. And yet an imposter ruler is anything but majestic, more tyrannical. Under stress, I tended to manage and control–hardly practicing the principles I believe in and aim to embody: 

~Self-compassion and compassion for others









Presence–that was and is my work. All of my other values cannot be fully integrated without presence. Getting more present to what is and letting go of what I thought it should be. Tough work for all of us. Even more so for the Faux-Queens and Kings that mask the actual majestic sovereigns we all are. These sovereigns-in-training are a large part of my clientele. 

I love my big-hearted, high-achieving helping professionals, entrepreneurs and creatives. They are a gifted bunch who often own their authority but may be fueled by deep fears of inadequate power and trust in ALL of themselves. When the going gets tough, symptoms of depression, anxiety and addiction rear their ugly heads. And this inner battle often requires support from those who know the terrain well. 

So that’s my aim for this newsletter. To be of service to all who encounter me in the written word and of course those that choose to do some deep, soulful, life-changing work in the wild kingdoms of their heart, body and mind. Apply to work with me here.

So present as I aim to be, here is what I plan on offering currently with room to flexibly expand and condense as needed: 

  • Moments from my own story on how embracing my true sovereignty has guided me to an embodied life, and though by no means perfect, which feels 100% mine for the first time. I hope my story and the pearls I share in this journey bring comfort, compassion, creativity and courage for your own journey. My substack is coming soon as well. I call this work the un-nameable undertaking. It is particularly related the the grief and exhilaration in the struggle of leaving systems, collective illusions and the cage of perfectionism specifically tied to healthcare. Find it here.


  • Stories of clients who have changed their lives as they took stock of what is and with compassion, creativity, clarity and courage created their majestic lives. 


  • Ideas and inspiration to expand upon from literature, myth, poetry, music, art, history, science, modern and ancient medical arts and science, wellness and well-being, health, philosophy, sociology, psychology, spirituality and wisdom practices that help us all find awe, wonder and the majesty of the human experience.   


Until we meet again,



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