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What happens when you sing to a client?

What happens when you sing to a client?

May 24, 2023 | Coaching, Self Expression

A few weeks ago I heard a song and thought it would benefit a coaching client, so I sent it along. She enjoyed it, we had a bit of a discussion about what it brought up for her and we did some work around it. I noticed we could have done more and yet I didn’t push. There were some walls around the topic. I allow for the time to get into the depths, knowing music (or any art) can touch a chord and plant a seed.  

That’s how I tend to work. I follow my intuition and then it leads to the next movement, the next action step. 

I heard the song again today and sent it along knowing she could use the sonic reminder. She also felt more open and ready to go deeper. She has been doing great in her entrepreneurship journey but is definitely hitting some obstacles that could be misinterpreted as barriers. Sometimes those obstacles knock us down. Especially when they are connected to our deeper wounds.

This time I had an even more intense nudge–”sing just a bit to her.” And so I did. 

I don’t know about you, but when the inspiration hits, I listen. And so here I am, afraid of using my singing voice in so many situations, and now I’m singing into a permanent recording TO A CLIENT. But I did what I knew needed to be done. I needed to share more than just a link. 

It was the right medicine at the right time. 

Her response: “I loved it 😃 and it helped and I cried even more and am feeling better.”

And when she lets herself feel first, then we know her perceived barriers fall right back into being just obstacles. Obstacles that she is certain she can overcome. Feeling your feelings allows your mind to get back online and back to your creative ventures. Fighting the feelings, just causes static, avoidance and anything but a creative business.  


Listen to your gut. Feel your feelings.

And if you need help doing so, reach out to me. I help big-hearted helpers, healers and creatives change their inner and outer worlds to have a greater impact on their clients’ worlds. We do the inner work to transition their lifestyle and business to naturally align with their heart and values. Sounds simple, it certainly isn’t easy.

My big heart helps your big heart move mountains. And also bring in the cash you desire for the lifestyle that nourishes your heart, mind and spirit. 

 And of course, I won’t leave you hanging, here’s the song: 

The Lumineers – “Walls” (OFFICIAL AUDIO)

And to make it even better and to help my own shame lose it’s grip, here’s my message addressing “a heart so big”:

May you find the majesty,



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